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Heistheartist – Parted Waves Review

Heistheartist – Parted Waves 

Musicians are often eccentric, stewing in their own ideas and creativity to make music straight from their souls. It certainly helps one stand out when you infuse every song with your own unique personality. Case In point, Heistheartist, a gospel singer who’s always been making some of the most interesting music for a while now. His latest single, “Parted Waves”has just released, so let’s take a closer look.

For those not in the know, Heistheartist’s signature style is all about downtempo music paired with the artist’s unique nasally singing and gut-wrenching songwriting that’s straight to the point but emotionally potent and interesting. He pairs this with fascinating writing to make music that’s equal parts interesting and unique.

Parted Waves” follows this format for a short emotional burst that is as satisfying as it is mystifying. As the singer bellows about his emotions in his signature style. It opens with him retelling the title of the song, and telling the listener to let God into their lives, which is, as we said, interesting. From there, he begins to unwind into his usual style, though there’s a musical difference this time.

While Heistheartist’s nasally voice is on full display for “Parted Waves,” it’s paired with a softer, more melodic choir this time around. While it’s a fascinating juxtaposition, we also find it fun! On top of that, the instrumentals are also upbeat this time around, a stark contrast to the artist’ typically more moody style of music. It’s a clever change up, and we appreciate the fresh take.

Of course, it’s still a Heistheartist song through and through, and you can tell this as soon as his voice comes through. It’s a very passionate style of singing, with a unique emphasis on being as emotional and gut wrenching as possible. This is usually paired with sparse melodies, but here we get a really fun upbeat track that somehow elevates his vocal performance a fair bit.

“Parted Waves,” is also a well mixed single, one of Heistheartist’s best-mixed songs so far in fact. The usual cold veneer is replaced with a warmer tone to match the music, and every instrument and voice is clear and separated nicely. Every element works in tandem to make the single work, and we’re glad to see it.

Overall, “Parted Waves,” is a great little track if you want to experience something different. While it carries some aspects of trap and gospel music, it’s otherwise completely original, and not something you’d find anywhere else. We recommend giving it a listen!

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