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NEWS: Meet Alberto Mvila, the 29 year old Evangelist who risked his life to preach the gospel in Pakistan, Over 16,000 people gave there life’s to Christ

Alberto Mvila is a young Internationalevangelist, age, 29 years who has decided to devote his life to winning of souls all over the globe

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He’s been able to record over One million, four hundred and eighty nine thousand, four hundred and sixty five souls saved through his Ministry

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He’s the founder of a mission organization by the Name “Belgium is Saved”

In his recent mission trip to Pakistan, tens of thousands of muslims received the life of Christ amidst mighty healings and deliverances recorded in his 16 Days visit to Pakistan

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He also Ministered LIVE on the first successful 24 Hour Christian Channel in Pakistan which already has a viewer base reaching billions and is hosted in many countries cutting across Asia, U.S, U.K, the middle east and so on

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The life and Ministry of Alberto Mvila has inspired millions of believers all over the world to give their life for the gospel of Christ

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Mvila would passionately say
“Let people call you crazy, as long as you make SOULS your number one goal and you keep on doing what God is telling you to do while you have favor with God. I promise you, God will give you favor before men and He will open doors you didn’t even knock on!”

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Reporter: Gospul Times


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