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Talia Daniels – Have Your Way Mp3 Download

Talia Daniels – Have Your Way

Talia Daniels‘ first single, “Have Your Way,” is set to be released today to Christian AC and gospel radio stations. Below is a video for the lively soundtrack, which was created by Daniels and produced by Wade Starns at Gat3.

“‘Have You Way’ is my proclamation and song of encouragement to anyone who have been suffering through a season of unrest, bewilderment, desire, and any other ‘ing’ when you feel a little abandoned by God,”

Talia Daniels continues. “I wrote this song while pondering not just God’s kindness, but also His amazing grace toward me.” “‘Have Your Way’ was composed after I had been delivered, which was a far cry from where I had been.”

Talia Daniels became a single mother after leaving an abusive marriage and moving from Brooklyn, New York, to Gaffney, South Carolina. Despite being led to a life-changing church family by God, Daniels says she regrets her loneliness and losing out on a wonderful marriage. She met her future husband on a casual visit to the post office after surrendering her living status to God.

“Not only did God respond to my plea, but He completed my goal much better than I ever could,” Daniels continues. “God sent a cheerleader, a guardian, and a listener.” I currently live in a home full of love and fun.”

Daniels, who was born in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, and reared in New York, grew up in a family where the Bible and fellowship were central to everyday life.

Daniels’ desire of being a composer and performer was fueled by her family’s love of music and support. Daniels has studied and performed in a variety of musical genres, including contemporary Christian, gospel, jazz, and opera.

Daniels has been the contemporary worship leader at First Baptist Church Gaffney in Gaffney, South Carolina, for the last ten years.

“I hope that the music I create and play will leave an indelible impression on everyone who hears it,” Daniels adds.

This month, Daniels joined with McLaughlin Music Group for management.


Talia Daniels - Have Your Way Mp3 Download
Talia Daniels – Have Your Way Mp3 Download
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