Home Update SERMON: Apostle Osayi Arome – Parameters Of Accuracy

SERMON: Apostle Osayi Arome – Parameters Of Accuracy

Apostle Osayi Arome – Parameters Of Accuracy

In God’s interactions with Man, no words that come from God’s lips will move ahead without accomplishing what God has intended. It will happen when the Lord says so. Some individuals get this assurance wrong and sit there doing nothing after God has offered a lovely promise for their lives. They believed that once God said it, it was definitive. True, it is final, yet the actuality of the prophecy does not surprise God. He is neither moved by the result, nor is he surprised by what has happened.

Furthermore, He is the one who spoke it and carried it through. What matters to God in the fulfillment of visions, prophecy, and revelations is not the conclusion but the process of the result. The shaping and construction process that goes into the product’s actualization. What you should notice is that forecasts are not fulfilled just by believing them and doing nothing. It is fulfilled by taking acts that accelerate the process of actualization. Since a consequence, it is not enough to wait for the results of a prophecy or revelation; you must also be prepared to validate your accuracy in the principles that lead to the conclusion, as these are the exercises that grow spiritual height. This is a great tutorial that will help you understand the subject of outcomes and prophecy.

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