Home Update NEWS: Bishop Oyedepo – Don’t Fake It

NEWS: Bishop Oyedepo – Don’t Fake It

Bishop Oyedepo – Don’t Fake It

The President, Living Faith Church (a.k.a Winners’ Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed what you really need to do in life instead of faking it.

Read what he said below

The holy ghost is not a feeling or a falling. He is not tongues, we speak in tongues as evidence that we are baptized in the holy ghost, he is a person.

You shouldn’t still be speaking syllables after 20 years of being baptized in the holy ghost.

If you are not hearing from the holy ghost, you are off course.

Some have directed themselves and they are paying the price day and night.

Heaven’s wisdom is the wisdom of mighty works, not mighty words.

It is not just speaking plenty of grammar and no change in your life.

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