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MUSIC VIDEO: Erin Corrado – Hiding Place

Erin Corrado – Hiding Place

Rising Christian artist Erin Corrado is set to release her newest inspirational single, “Hiding Place,” to encourage listeners who are going through hard times to look to God.

Inspired by Psalm 61, “Hiding Place” describes how listeners can find refuge, protection and safety in God despite difficult situations that may surround them.

Erin Corrado – Hiding Place

“I have always loved the imagery of a hand-made fort in the woods, a place a child would run to after school, or after having a bad day,” Corrado said. “Much like a fairytale, God’s presence and His ways are often beyond our understanding and explanation. God is able to transcend our own life experiences and what we may be facing in our day-to-day lives into comfort, peace, and solace.”

Co-written by Corrado, Audrie Mouzakis and Matt Mouzakis and produced by John Strandell, the single is a culmination of many talented people coming together to use their talents to worship the Lord.

Lyric Hiding Place

You are my hiding place

A refuge from this storm

You are the peace and rest

My soul is longing for

Here in Your presence

There is healing there is joy

I’m safe in Your hands

This heart is Yours

Corrado hopes “Hiding Place” will help listeners see that God is a high tower, a special place where they are accepted and loved and a steady, constant joy. The new single will be available on Reverb Nation, Spotify, TIDAL and all other streaming platforms.

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