Home Music Femi Worship – Awimaye Un Mp3 Download

Femi Worship – Awimaye Un Mp3 Download

Femi Worship – Awimaye Un Mp3 Download

Femi Worship – Awimaye Mp3 Download
Femi Worship – Awimaye

Femi worship is out with a brand new song titled “Awimaye. The song Awimaye is a sound of reverences to God meaning “His Word never falls to the ground”, Now available for download

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“I have seen Him (God) at work till now and forever,” Femi says of the song’s inspiration. He is too devoted to fail. He does exactly what He says.

He is known as the “AWIMAYE-UN.”

“Five years ago, I was going through a season that seemed to last forever. Bitterness, fear, and regret were all over me, and they were almost impairing my prayer and worship life.

My heart cried out for nothing but God’s help because it appeared that everything God said about me would not come true.” – he goes on.

“During that time, I discovered a praying ground in a bush, and on one of those days when I was seeking God’s face in that bush, I sat down under some mango trees to rest because I was too tired to pray.”

Suddenly, I heard a voice say to me, “You are resting here in the Shade when you should be in the Sun.” Go outside and pray in the sun!”

I went outside right away to be in the sun and began praying. Then, out of nowhere, strength came for me, and as I prayed, I cried in tears, and I began praying with songs.” – Femi Worship is over.

He is a seasoned worshipper “rooted in God and ordained by Grace to be an ambassador of God’s presence and a worship tabernacle to this generation.”

Femi is also the founder of the Worship Ambassadors Network (WAN), whose mission is to “raise and build God’s Generals in the place of worship in this season when God seeks true worshippers in spirit and in truth.”

This new song’s title in Yoruba [a language spoken in Nigeria’s Western region] translates to “The Keeper of the Covenant Who Does Not Fail in His Promises.

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Femi Worship – Awimaye Un Mp3 Download
Femi Worship – Awimaye Un
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