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Download Music: Donald John _Anekenem-prod-Emy bliss

The living God Anekeme
Donald Afonime John is a Nigerian gospel recording artiste, singer, songwriter, vocalist, a drummer and a provincial Director of Music at the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Donald was born in Eket , a local government area in Akwa- Ibom State. He is a native of Akwa-Ibom State. he is one of the coordinators of Halleluyah Nigeria team.  Donald’s  love for God made him remain committed to ministering and wining souls for the kingdom of God.
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 Annem anneke nnem o 2x
Mma nkap  nkot enying Obong nnyin Jesus.
Annem anneke nnem o

English translation

It’s sweet!
Very sweet for me!
Just to be able to call the name of our Lord Jesus, it’s sweet.
  Very sweet for me!

    The name of Jesus,
    Is a strong tower,
    The righteous run in,
    And they are saved,
    Come and see what God is doing in my life,
    And I know, He’s been good to me,
    He’s been kind to me,
    I’ve never seen this kind of God before….

Oruko Jesu…Iku gboruko re o sa wole..Aisan gboruko re o sa would go..Oruko Jesu Oruko Jesu o bi oyin.. bi oyin bi oyin bi.Alagbara to GA..kiniun eya ara Judah..Gbani Gbani..Lani Lani..Woni Woni..Tuni Tuni..Oruko ti mo pe ton dun Mo mi mi bi oyin bi oyin bi…..Odun o dun Mo mi o(2ce) Gbati mo poruko Jesu..Odun..On dun mo mi o

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