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Download Mp3: Hallelujah – Israel Micah (Big Daddy)

Nigerian Gospel minister Israel Micah (Big Daddy) is out with another hit praise song Titled “HALLELUJAH” Hallelujah means “praise the Lord” it’s also an expression of worship or rejoicing. Remain bless as you download, listen and share.

Download & be blessed


Hallelujah Lyrics By Israel Micah (Big Daddy) 


Call: Everybody shout into theLord

Resp: Shout unto the Lord

Call: Lift your voice and give him all the praise

Resp: Give him all the praise (Repeat)


Lead: Hallelujah…You are Yaweh, you are Yaweh…

Call: Hallelujah!…..

Resp: Hallelujah…You are Yaweh, you are Yaweh… (×2)

Lead: Common say!

Call & Resp: Yaweh! (×8)

Back to chorus (×3)

Call & Resp: Yaweh! (×8)



We will celebrate all over the nation…

We will sing and rejoice you’re King…

You are good and your mercies reign for ever

So we lift our voices and say

(Repeat verse then back to Chorus)



Everybody!. All the nation will rise

And give you the praise…

You’re worthy to be praise…

Common everybody lift your hands

Lift your voices and give him the praise……..

Back to chorus (×3)


Call:  Hallelujah!

Resp: Yaweh!

Call & Resp: Yaweh! (×27)



Call: Yaweh! (×8)

Resp: Yaweh! (×8)

Call: Yaweh…yaweh…yaweh…yaweh…yaweh….

Resp: Yaweh…yaweh…yaweh… yaweh…yaweh…

(Repeat till fade)


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