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Download Mp3: Dami Gbadero – Deep

The new song “DEEP” by Dami Gbadero is a call to a deeper degree of fervor for God. This song is not ordinary; it is the beat of our shared enthusiasm for discovering God at deeper levels and the sound of yearning.

The new anthem is DEEP. The song that represents a generation fed up with the status quo, the routine, and the boring. a generation whose top focus is God.

When you hear Dami Gbadero speak, sing, or write, you’ll want to pay close attention. He has a presence that cannot be undervalued or ignored. His musical variety, skill, and lyrical profundity are astounding. Dami Gbadero is your go-to guy whether you’re seeking for music that will inspire you to worship in previously unimaginable ways, music that will lift your spirits and give you hope, or music that will allow you to relax and take in the wonders of life and love.

This song will make an impression on your spirit. Pay attention, then spread the word. Time to dive in deep

Download & be blessed


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