Home Update SERMON: Bro Gbile Akanni – Responsibilities For Leadership

SERMON: Bro Gbile Akanni – Responsibilities For Leadership

Bro Gbile Akanni - Go And Burn
Bro Gbile Akanni - Go And Burn

Bro Gbile Akanni – Responsibilities For Leadership

Leadership at every level of human endeavour is a conferment of responsibility both to the followers and to the higher authorities. A leader is not different from the followers if he/she does not live with the consciousness of responsibilities and accountable characters.

Just as we have leaders in the secular world such as political offices holders, directors of various agencies and Chief Executive officers in many national and multinational organizations, there are also spiritual leaders in the christian settings, onto whom God deliver the care of his people.

Those who are ordained by God not because they are more qualified or more talented but were chosen by the grace of God to oversee the affairs of men in their various jurisdictions. The most important responsibility of a Christian leader is the love of Christ. The love for the establishment of the will of Christ which is the will of God in all that such leader do or say. The love for Christ that is not just for personal gains or selfish adoration but for the unification of the body of Christ and development of the spirit of men.

When the leader does not love Christ and does not understand the nature of His love, such leader will not be able to genuinely love his followers let alone sacrificing for them as Jesus did for the church.

This is a powerful teaching on the subject of leadership and it will help you greatly in your leadership endeavours.

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