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(Article) Kingdom Script: The Captive’s Diary | Episode 1


She entered her room after an adventurous day,closed the door behind her and rested her back on it
with her eyes tightly closed in deep meditation for close to twenty minutes before opening her
eyes in tears. She walked straight to her bed drawer, brought out her not too new diary and began
to flip it carefully till she opened to a blank page where nothing had been written. She drew out
her pen from the jacket and began to write:
“Mission accomplished,” she said as she wrote, paused and breathed down a heavy sigh of relief,
then continued.
“Another giant hunted down. I’ve been promoted to level 919 and soon I shall be crowned the
queen in charge of the Eastern provinces; I shall also be made a Commander of battalions of
armies from the world beyond and they shall do my biddings.” She dropped her pen thoughtfully
and stared into the space as if she was grasping from there what to write down in her diary,then
picked it up again and began to write on a fresh line.
” My Lord beyond is proud of me but there’s yet before me another hazardous mission to
accomplish. It’s hazardous because the young man am assigned to hunt down is no civilian,he is a
violent spiritual fighter himself. Even my Lord beyond dread him.” She breathed down heavily
again and rested her hand on her cheek as the events of the past years came playing before her
afresh. She heard that song which have remained fresh in her mind again, even the rhythms and
the picture of those old, wretched looking and ancient choir members singing it…
“Thus we would part from the earth and
its toiling,
Only remembered by what we have done…” goes the song, followed by the cracky voice of the
old Orthodox church priest.
“Dust we are and to dust shall we return. The Lord giveth and he taketh. We all are strangers here
and one day, we shall go home to be with the Lord. There, there shall be no more sorrow nor death
for we shall live forever with Him… Deacon and deaconess Andy Olisa today are done with their
toiling here on earth and are gone to be with the Lord in glory.” He said and coughed painfully
then continued.
“They loved the Lord, they lived their lives virtually to please him and to better the lives of
humanity. They were committed to the church of God and fully devoted to things that advances
the gospel. Our hearts are heavy that they would no longer be here with us but who are we to
question God? He knows the best and have allowed this for reasons best known to Him. But
there’s hope for us who are still living to live aright and prepared for…” The priest’s voice was
still sounding in her ears when she screamed out in rage at no one in particular.
“Damn it!” She hit the bed hard several times then suddenly stopped, stood up from where she
was sitting and began to walk around in the room arrogantly.

“My name is Zaza, the beauty Queen of the Eastern region, the master seductress. I steal, i kill, I
frustrate and destroy. I show no mercy to my prey for there’s no mercy in my heart and bringing
down great men is my prime target and mission here on this part of the earth. I turn the nobles into
ignoble men and bring kings down to nobodies. Today, I finally hunted down the renowned fiery
priest in a the East who had been making waves and disturbing the peace of my Lord beyond. I am
the pride of my Lord beyond because I deliver my targets as expected…” she said with her hands
clenched in a fist as she pace around in the room breathing fast. She picked up her diary again, sat
down and began to write:
“Reverend father indeed! He was held in high reverence because of the power of THE LORD
ABOVE upon him to perform miracles, he was blessed financially and physically, he placed many
young people on scholarship and provided for the poor widows,the needy and the homeless. He
carried glory and even in the world below, we knew him as a fiery,faithful servant of the THE
LORD ABOVE. For twelve years my Lord below have been hunting to pull him down but he kept
resisting the female agents sent to seduce him, many times the very young people he was
sponsoring were manipulated to seduce him but he overcame them all, he tried his best But today,
I hunted him down through my seductive powers. He is as good as every ordinary person on the
street Amuri town.
For me to be promoted from level 555 to level 919 by my Lord below just because i hunted him
down should tell you how important his downfall is to the world below. Well, due to my own
personal reverence for worthy servants of THE LORD ABOVE, I will like to conceal the details of
how he fell into my trap. No matter what we do, in the world below there are people we also hold
in high reverence and this fallen priest was one of them.” She wrote down and shook her head
pathetically before writing the next paragraph.
“Priests are not angels, they are humans too. They are without wives and acquaintances to keep
them warm and so we from the under world are always perching around looking for opportunities
to creep into their lives and soil their garments. But their folds hardly pray for them, they see them
as superhumans. Don’t be too much in a haste to judge them when their names appears on
newspaper publications as regarding sexual scandals, it’s not always their making, we are the one
hunting for them…” She dropped her pen and began to speak to the empty room.
“You, yes you,” she said pointing a finger at no one in particular,
“I know you are beginning to see me as a wicked soul already but don’t judge me yet until you
hear my own side of the the story. I didn’t wish for this kind of life, I didn’t even bargain for it but
down here nobody cares to know the kind of life you want to live and so, you are expected to
accomplish any task assigned to you no matter how bloody it may be.” She said as she began to
take a walk down memory lane.
“I didn’t know how I got this far, I can’t even remember how it all started but I remembered
finding my self in a cage as a captive. I struggled and screamed my lungs out to be set free but
what I got in response was torture.
” my dear, stop crying. This people here have no human sympathy and your tears won’t touch
their hearts. They are blood sucking demons in human skin…” I heard a feminine voice talking to
me and turned to see a lady in a glass liked cage like mine. That was when I realized that there
were people watching me all the while I was screaming,struggling and crying. I was horrified at
the sight I saw as my eyes ran round the large hall…to be continue…..

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