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Anthony Evans – When Faith Meets Therapy

Anthony Evans – When Faith Meets Therapy

It may seem an unusual pairing for a two-time Billboard #1 Gospel artist and a well-known psychotherapist to write a book together. But that’s just what singer, author and worship leader Anthony Evans, along with licensed psychotherapist and TV personality Stacy Kaiser, have done in their new release When Faith Meets Therapy: Find Hope and a Practical Path to Emotional, Spiritual, and Relational Healing (Aug. 16, 2022; W Publishing Group, an imprint of Thomas Nelson).

Anthony, who is a well-known Christian musician and the son of world-renowned Pastor Dr’s. Tony and Lois Evans, and Stacy, a sought-after professional, media personality, and speaker, met five years ago when he was seeking emotional, relational and spiritual healing. Stacy led Anthony through a process of internal renovation and continues as his personal therapist. The two opened to the world up about their partnership through their When Faith Meets Therapy Zoom talks.
With the release of their book, the duo takes the conversation around mental health and faith to the next level, packaging insights from Anthony’s personal experience with therapy as well as poignant takeaways from Stacy. The authors offer hope and practical steps to getting started on a mental health journey, examples of strategies that worked for Anthony, and encourage readers to take the next step toward individualized professional help if needed.

Anthony Evans - When Faith Meets Therapy

“In our book, Stacy and I want to have an open, honest conversation about faith and mental health in a way that doesn’t make a person feel worse about themselves and their relationship with God,” writes Anthony. “A lot of faith meeting therapy is talking about boundaries and balance, power and responsibility, fear and healthy relationships. Mental, physical, and spiritual health are connected. It all works together.”

“It is important to understand that therapy is not a replacement for your spiritual work or connection.

Like tutoring in a math class with formulas that are hard to understand, It’s an enhancement to help you understand the truth, and no counselor should ever criticize or downplay the role of faith in your life,” writes Stacy. “Anthony and I talk a lot about God and faith in our sessions because that’s a vital part of his life. A good therapist gives you lots of space to talk about all facets of your life, from family, to work, to faith and more.”

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